We hope to help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of care.  We recommend going through classes in this order to gain the most from each class.

- Contact Diane at  for more information on upcoming classes. -

God's Plan for Wellbeing (2 sessions)

God ministered to Elijah's needs in a beautiful way - and He promises the same care for us.  This class uses The Elijah Project workbook and offers a simple model for health and healing.


Life Skills for Care: Boundaries and Communication

Before we can care well for others, it's vital to hone skills that create margin in our lives.  The concepts taught in this class help create opportunities to meet with God regularly and consistently - enabling us to experience and share His love with others.


Becoming a Care Minister

Gain additional skills beneficial in your efforts to care for others.  Completing this class qualifies you to apply for the Jacob's Well Care Ministry Team and polish skills that allow you to "be the Church" wherever you go.
- You must take the classes above before taking this class. -

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