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We believe Jesus wants us to know and become like Him. One of the ways we do that is committing ourselves to be responsible for our own spiritual growth. JW Grow is a place where you can do just that, and now in podcast format. Each week we are posting new content and teaching from local professionals below! Resources from past classes are archived here also. Together, we continue to worship, connect and GROW!

5/16/20 - JW Grow: Spiritual Disciplines - Presence


In our last episode about spiritual practices, we talk with Diane Bryant about practicing the presence of God. We'll discuss why it's important to orient our lives to who God is and what He is doing and give you helpful tips on how to practice it.

5/1/20 - JW Grow: Spiritual Disciplines - Simplicity


In this podcast, we discuss the spiritual practice of simplicity. Simplicity (sometimes called minimalism) is really more of a lifestyle than a practice where our outward life matches our inward one -- simplicity gives us the space to abide in Jesus. Diane Bryant will help us learn more about why simplicity is important and how God meets us in simplicity.

4/24/20 - JW Grow: Spiritual Disciplines - Lectio Divinia


In this podcast, we continue our conversation with Diane Bryant about spiritual practices and learn about Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is a practice of scriptural reading, reflection and prayer -- you can even try it out during the podcast!

4/21/20 - Spiritual Practices - Overview and Sabbath


In this podcast, we start a conversation with Diane Bryant about spiritual practices. What are spiritual practices and why are they important? This is the first of four podcasts around four different spiritual practices -- first up, we discuss the importance of Sabbath and how Sabbath isn't meant to be just another day off.

4/16/20 - The Communication Dance


In this podcast, we talk with licensed counselors about navigating the communications dance; how our thoughts and feelings affect our actions and in turn, other people. Part 1 discusses how we can become more aware of the thoughts and feelings that are interacting within us and influencing our actions.


Part 2 discusses how we can navigate sharing our thoughts, feelings and actions with the people in our lives. We also discuss how to navigate the differences in how people approach communication and conflict and how to listen well.

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  • 3/03 - Making Sense of Growing Up Catholic

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