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20th Anniversary


Celebration of the People

Patrick Hukriede
As I think about Jacob's Well turning 20, a smile comes across my face. I've been forever changed by Christ through the ministry and the people of Jacob's Well. So many amazing people invested in me, walked with me, served with me, challenged me, followed me, discipled me, loved me. When with Jacob's well, my family and I have actually lived out the New Testament description of a body of believers living together, pursuing Christ, and loving others. I celebrate and thank God when I think of you, brothers and sisters. Praising God for you, from Kansas City.  

Leo A. Endel, DMin - Minnesota Wisconsin Baptist Convention
From your beginning God has used Jacob’s Well to meet people where they are and step-by-step lead them to know and be like Christ. What you may not know is that Jacob’s Well has inspired over two hundred of our churches to love people well and help them on their journey with Jesus! Thank you, and congratulations, on two decades of life changing ministry and inspiration!  We can’t wait to see your “next steps!”  

Steve Eklund
I stand amazed at the work God has done here at Jacob’s Well. From a conversation with Paul at Bethel Seminary of starting a church where people thirsty for God could take their next step and witnessing it all come to life is truly humbling. God has and will continue to do more than we could ever ask or imagine through Jacob’s Well. 

Aubrey and Mollie Hogan
Today a new church exists in South Carolina, because 5 years ago Jacob’s Well believed in planting churches and sharing the gospel beyond the Chippewa Valley. The faith instilled in us as at JW and the support we received paved the way for new people to start their journey with Jesus.

Pastor Kirk Militzer - Lead Pastor, Bethesda Lutheran Church
I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.” Psalms 122: 1
On behalf of the church family at Bethesda Lutheran in Eau Claire, congratulations! For 20 years our glorious Lord has used your gospel witness powerfully in the Chippewa Valley. Today we celebrate this milestone with you. May the Lord Jesus grant you continued anointed favor and supernatural blessings in the next 20 years.

Matt Morgan
While I was only present at JW from 2004-2009, this community has left a lifelong impression on me. I’ve never felt so loved by a community as a college student. I was then raised as a leader with tools I still use today in my work. I was given the opportunity to serve as a pastor from 2006-2008 and then you loved me enough to kick me out of the nest and support me to be a pastor in Colorado. To this day, I measure what a great church looks like by the standard of the Jacob’s Well family. Happy 20-year Anniversary! You will always be my church family. Much love.

Laura Garry
I know I would not be where I am on my spiritual journey without God's gift of His church. Since I first stepped into Jacob's Well in June of 2001, having permission to be where I am on the journey has given me the courage to grow to know God and let Him change me from the inside out one day at a time. I am so grateful! Thank you!

Diane Bryant
The community of Jacob's Well was 2 when we became a part of it and now at age 20 this community has seen many changes and much growth, not merely in numbers, but more so in the formation of souls. The community of Jacob's Well is true to this... wherever we are we journey together to know and become like Jesus. This is the good God desires for us and it remains essential and foundational as Jacob Well ages another 20 years. Every day we each are in the journey of be-coming a reflection of Jesus... this is the joy we have before us together!

"M & M"
We’re thankful for JW, helping us take steps to know and become like Jesus in partnership with us while we serve in the Middle East. From a college small group, to marriage, to sending us out and caring for us, to baptizing two of our kids, to listening online, JW is our church home wherever we are in the world.

Jeff & Beckie Wiegel - The Navigators
Jacob's Well has strongly supported our work on campus in more ways than one. We have found community and connection here and it's our joy to see our students find a church home at Jacob's Well too!

Hope Gospel Mission
Over the years Jacobs Well has been such a faithful partner in the work being done at Hope Gospel Mission by helping provide hope to the least, the lonely, the lost, the homeless, the hungry, the hurting, the abused, and the addicted.  Your prayers, volunteers, and financial support helped open the Hope Renewal Center for Women with Children in 2020, and has helped Rescue, Rebuild, and Renew the lives of many men, women, and women with children that come to our doors seeking help.  Your support is helping reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping create positive life change. Thank you!

Hope Village
Hope Village is so appreciative of the partnership that we have with Jacob's Well! Jacob's Well has supported us both financially and with volunteer partners, we would not be able to do what we do, for our communities' homeless population, without the support we have with from your congregation. Thank you Jacob's Well!

Fierce Freedom
As Fierce Freedom has worked to educate the public about modern day slavery, Jacob's Well has walked alongside us for many of those years. Because of our partnership with them through their monthly giving, and annual events like Fierce Freedom's Justice Race, we have been able to speak to thousands every year about the realities of modern-day slavery. We are so grateful to have their consistent support as we move forward in education and walk alongside victims throughout their journey of healing.

Gerardo Rodriguez - Southern Wisconsin Baptist Association
This year I will complete 5 years serving in WI and MN with the ethnic people and some Anglos. I can say today's WI & MN is wide different, not because me, but because the Holy Spirit at work... God is moving among us in a very special way like never before. During the last 5 years I’m traveling around WI, helping Anglo Churches to develop Hispanic Churches. I humbly can say we increase 300% Christian presence. Currently we are Planting among 18 different languages in WI & MN! I’m so excited to see more and more new projects in our two states. This is the reason why Partners are 100 needed! The effort is big, but Jesus still sending not only Planters called to come but also Partners like you guys!! Part of my task is to identify new fields and opportunities, to pray and to recruit the right couple (many times outside WI/MN), to develop the Assessment process and to deploy them. Jacob's Well is doing so, with me, together!! I feel deeply honored to count with you guys, doing this very necessary work. Fifty years ago, American missionaries leaves the US to bring the Gospel to my small country in South America... Thank you so much JW church!! Thank you Pastor Paul! Thank you Mission team! 

Steve Melvin - Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention
I worked with Pastor Paul in the beginning days of JW as the church planting leader for the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention. I have been blessed to watch over the last 20 years how God has reached so many people with the gospel message. I attended the very first worship service of JW, and have been blessed to observe the annual Splash service on several occasions.

Envision Atlanta - Paul & Nicki Behnke
Over the past 20 years Jacob's Well has fostered an environment where young leaders, like us, are given the grace and opportunity to grow. An environment that challenges us to be the parents that our kids need, which is exactly the type of parents that God wants us to be. Jacob's Well is the body of Christ that showed up when I almost lost my Dad to a liver disease. The Church showed up when we welcomed our kids from foster care into our home. The Church showed up when we needed support and celebrated with joy when God called us to build His Kingdom elsewhere.

Sadie Robb - Bethany Global University
I am a study missionary serving in Belgrade, Serbia. I am 21 years old and am pursuing a career in missions and ministry. When I was fundraising this previous summer Jacob’s Well gracious donated to me! I am very thankful for their support.

Roxann Crotty
I fell in love with the vision of JW the first time I heard it!  And 15 years later I have fallen in love with the children, students, families and staff that I have had the honor journey alongside!  

Travis Albrecht - Valleybrook Church
Happy Birthday Jacob's Well. We thank God for you and the many lives that are forever changed because of your faithfulness throughout the years. It is a joy to partner alongside you in proclaiming the Gospel in the Chippewa Valley and we couldn't be more excited for what God still has in store. Keep up the good work.  

Maddy Mortimer - Navigators
Jacob's Well has been monumental to the foundation and formation of my faith, through growing up in JW Kids (aka Waterworks:)) and youth group, and now Jacob's Well is enabling me to reach people for Christ! Quite literally, without the support of our church, I wouldn't be able to love, serve, and share God's truth with international students here in Indianapolis with the Navigators. Thank you, church! And Happy 20th Anniversary!

John and Jill, Logan, Bennett, and Eden Eiselt
Jacob’s Well is the place where we came to know and love the church more deeply than ever before. For me personally, serving as High School Pastor challenged me, equipped me, and helped me discover a deeper calling to serve families by helping parents flourish in their relationships with their kids. For our family, Jacob's Well became our home church two years before we became part of the staff family. We will never forget the morning our two-year-old came out of JW Kids bursting with joy and excitement having had an incredible experience. As we drove home that day from church, we looked at each other with tears in our eyes and knew we’d found our church home. Over the course of the seven years, we spent at Jacob’s Well, our family grew and became a family in more ways than one. We became more intentional and connected as a family and for the first time in our young family's life, we were a part of a church family growing together in community to become more like Jesus. Congratulations and blessings to you Jacob’s Well Family! We love you, we miss you, and we hold you near to our hearts always. Here’s to the next twenty! May they be the best yet!

Paul Langmade - Living Hope Community Church
Happy Anniversary Jacob's Well! As a brand-new church planter, I was introduced to Jacob's Well and Pastor Paul Berthiaume in 2005. For the next 8 years I received great encouragement, direction, and support from Pastor Paul and his staff. It was a lifeline to stay faithful through the challenges of church planting. In 2006, Anchor Point Community Church officially launched in Wabasha, MN and was extremely blessed by your generosity. This church continues to be a lighthouse to this day and lead people to Jesus Christ. Thanks for making a difference. I personally have now moved on to start another church and will continue to be grateful for kingdom partners like JW. May God continue to bless your influence and ministry till Jesus comes. Keep sharing the Hope!

Justin Bender – Worship Leader
What Jacobs well has meant to me: I came to JW as a college student, and I can say with utter confidence that JW has deeply shaped the person I am today. Through LEAD Team, church Staff, and the overall community, God has used JW to teach me what it looks like to be a Jesus Follower by being a great husband, father, and friend. Thank you, Pastor Paul and Jacob's Well family for your enormous investment in me. Love you Pastor!!!! Thank you for investing so much time and energy into me. I am forever indebted to you!

Grant Schultz
Greetings to all my sisters and brothers at Jacob’s Well! Congratulations to you as you celebrate 20 years of serving and loving the Chippewa Valley. My three years on staff at Jacob’s Well contained some of the best learning and growing experiences I’ve had, and I’m forever grateful for it. Plus, I got to work alongside some amazing people there and we had so much fun together. I would also like to express a very heartfelt “thank you” to all those who have come together in this past year to care for each other and the community, and to continue praying for and supporting those of us who work in health care. It’s so needed and so meaningful. Again, congratulations and enjoy the celebration!


There are many fond memories here at Jacob’s Well Church. My most memorable moment is when I was baptized.


My family came here after going through a very painful experience at our last church. From day one, we have felt welcomed and it has been such a blessing being a part of this family.


Jacob’s Well has been a rock and gave me a new, stronger foundation within my faith journey. It has given my children a safe place (the building and more importantly staff) for them to come to and grow in friendship and faith. Thank you Jacob’s Well!


I have not been here long, but the worship night on Feb. 14th was exactly what I needed. Thank you for allowing God to use this church and having your doors open to worship Him!

Drew Mayo 

My family was a part of the first 20 in the living room. I grew up going to church in the schools. All 17-18 years of my life, have been here at Jacob's Well. Every step of my journey, Jacob's Well and God have been with me the whole time. 


When I think about Jacob's Well, I remember that God has a plan way beyond what I can think or imagine. 


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