Christian Covenant of Marriage

We believe the Christian covenant of marriage, by which one man and one woman establish a lifetime partnership for the protection and wellbeing of the spouses and the procreation and bringing up of offspring in a godly manner, is to be honored as holy. This covenant should only be entered by two professing followers of Jesus Christ. This is a binding covenant between the man, the woman and God.

Jacob’s Well Church believes the Bible clearly instructs that sexual activity is to be enjoyed exclusively between a man and a woman that have been joined together in holy matrimony. All other sexual activity violates the biblical standard for Christians.

The marriage may only be broken in the extreme cases of marital infidelity, abuse or abandonment. The spouse who was abused, abandoned or treated with infidelity is free from the obligation of the covenant. However, reconciliation may be possible even after times of deep hurt and betrayal.

Divorce is a painful experience and those who go through divorce will be loved and supported as they seek the Lord for healing and forgiveness to live a whole and healthy life.

We acknowledge and celebrate that some are called to singleness for a season or for their entire life. The calling to singleness is a call to celibacy and considered a gift from God.

Scripture References:

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