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Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Dates: March 6 to May 1, 2023 (9 Sessions)

Do you avoid healthy conflict in the name of keeping the peace? Do you feel like you need to ignore or suppress your emotions? Do you ever use your service for God as an excuse to hide or run from God? Do you live your life without any real structure or limits?

Unfortunately, these habits are very common today among church-goers and Christians, even here at Jacob's Well. While they may seem innocent enough, or even like the right thing to do sometimes, they're not. These habits are keeping us from experiencing real life change and spiritual maturity in Jesus!

We're ready to change that together– We want to become emotionally healthy as a church, so we can become spiritually healthy as a church. Through this important class, we will begin to: stop mind reading and clarify expectations, genogram your family, listen incarnationally, climb the ladder of integrity, and fight cleanly.

This winter and beyond, we're setting our course for Jacob's Well toward Emotionally Healthy Relationships. Join us as we begin to experience deep life change in Christ, for the sake of the world!


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