Students Events

The most fun you'll have all year! 

JW Students EVENTS are great places for you to connect with God and others through ridiculously cool experiences. You don't want to miss these!


We’re super excited to still be able to offer a virtual ONE NIGHT for you and all your friends! It’s never been easier to invite someone to church. Just send them the link to the Youtube Live video and they’re all set! We can’t wait to hang out with you!

Summer Camp 2020

Due to COVID-19, summer camp is canceled for this year. We’re super bummed about it, but we anticipate the day we can all be back together here at church. Summer camp 2021 is going to be something awesome to look forward to!

Sponsor A Student

When you give, you help us remove a major barrier to students hearing the Gospel, building deep friendships and making serious commitments to follow Jesus. Thank you for your generosity and willing heart to invest in the next generation. If you would like to give, click Give Now and please email our Student Pastor, Jordan Hurlburt ( ) after you give, to let him know that you would like the funds designated to a student scholarship/sponsorship.

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