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Make the most of every opportunity – Colossians 4:5b 
How can we make what we do every day a holy calling, our mission, and a vocation? 
How can we move everyday challenges into eternal opportunities?  Instead of changing our “job” what would it look like to change our perspective about work?

In this series we will show that all work is God’s work when it:

  • Provides for the person doing the work and for those for whom they are responsible
  • Adds to the common good and leads to human flourishing
  • Is in touch with the human aspect of the job including meeting the needs of people, adding to healthy relational dynamics, and fostering general wellbeing
  • Allows the person doing the work to fulfill their giftedness and human potential
  • Recognizes Holy Spirit-led opportunities to share the hope we have in Christ first with our actions and ultimately through our story connected to God’s story
  • Is done with a Christian ethic as a servant of Christ

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