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Become A Journey Partner

Become A Journey Partner

At Jacobs Well we have a specific, 3-step pathway to membership that we refer to as "Becoming a Journey Partner."


Step 1: First Steps Class

This 3-session class happens monthly during our second (10:45am) service, in the Fireside Room. First Steps will help you get connected, learn what our church is all about, and take your first steps here with confidence.

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Step 2: Emotionally Healthy Discipleship (2 Classes)

Emotionally healthy discipleship (EHD) is the foundation of what it means to be a Journey Partner at Jacobs Well. EHD teaches us how to move towards emotional and spiritual health in our own lives and how to intentionally disciple the people that God puts in our circle of influence. EHD is broken into two 8-week classes:

The first class, which is offered every fall, is called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. This class focuses on how we relate to God.

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The second class, which is offered every winter/spring, is called Emotionally Healthy Relationships. This class focuses on how we relate to People.

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Step 3: Final Journey Partners Class

The final step in becoming a Journey Partner (or member) of Jacob’s Well is the 90-minute Journey Partners Class. Here you will learn what it looks like to continue on your EHD journey, and what it means to be an intentional disciple-maker.

At the end of this class, we will extend to you an invitation to membership at Jacob's Well!

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