REMNANT is a JW ministry for young adults/20 somethings ages 19-35. We are a community of believers who strive to be known and belong as we take steps together to know and become like Jesus. We want to encounter God together in a tangible way. REMNANT is where Community and God overlap and combine, producing authentic community and real life change.

REMNANT means the faithful few, the faithful ones that stand their ground even when the culture is screaming at us not to. We're not about hiding away and protecting what we have, we're about being a light in the darkness. A spark that, when kindled in community, brings warmth to the outstretched hand, and the light of Jesus back into our culture.

REMNANT isn't just for Jacob's Well– our whole community is invited! If you're 19-35, no matter what stage of life you're in-- single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, raising a family– you're invited to join us!

  • Worship Nights - 1st Wed of Every Month
  • Small Groups - Thursday Nights

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