Splash! 2022 Annual Outdoor Baptism Event • Sunday, August 28th • 10:00am


Serve Rally Sundays: July 31st - August 21st

Right after Sunday services, you're invited to Serve Rallys! These are short Q&A session happening in Volunteer Central, right off the Worship Center (on the coffee side). 

Meet our ministry leaders and learn how you can use your gifts and talents to serve and bless others, right here at Jacob's Well.

If you feel God nudging you to serve in some way but you're not sure how, be sure to stop by for just a few minutes, and learn more!

Serving is a form of discipleship.

You'll make new friends, love others, and grow in your relationship with God.

And have fun, too!

Serve in JW KidsServe in JW Guest Services
Serve in JW StudentsServe in JW Care Serve in JW WorshipServe on JW Facilities Teams

Wondering how you could use your gifts & talents at church?

Check out all the opportunities below!


This team welcomes people as they enter the building. Our goal is that no one who walks in our doors needs to open a door themselves.

This person has a heart for people. They help people find seats, count attendance, and clean up the auditorium after people leave.

This person engages with people who seem anxious or uncomfortable before and after services. The floater tries to connect them with others, bring them to the New Here room, and give them a tour of the building.

Connection Center:
This person helps answer questions about Jacob's Well. 

New Here:
This person waits for people at the New Here room and helps new attenders fill out connection cards, answer questions, and connect them to people and ministries.

This team serves coffee and creates a warm, welcoming environment when people enter the building.

This team helps prepare, serve, and clean up for communion during our services.

Parking Team:
This team helps maintain a safe environment outside the building during busier services as cars arrive and depart.

This Sunday team runs the worship lyrics and presenter’s slides on the stage and the projector. No experience needed.

This team operates live sound mixer for Sunday services. Training provided.

Resource Center:
This team welcomes people into the Resource Center and helps them take next steps by suggesting resources or helping them find applicable books to either check out or purchase.

JW Kids:
This team works with the children from infants to 5th grade during service times.

JW Kids Registration:
This team helps new families get registered and feel welcomed on Sunday mornings.

JW Students Leader:
JW Students Leaders welcome, engage and journey with students 6th-12th grade– at Wednesday night meetings, at camps, and on retreats.

Group Leader:
This person leads a small group or Bible study either here at church, at home, or off-site.

Prayer Team:
This team prays with people before and after the Sunday services, and during the week for online prayer requests.

Care Team:
This team walks alongside people who are hurting or in need of care or support.

Marriage Mentors:
Marriage Mentors are husband and wife teams who walk with other married couples through the different seasons and difficult times in marriage. They also provide pre-marriage mentoring.

Facilities Teams:
Maintenance Team, Lawn Team, Prayer Garden Team
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Builders for Christ (BFC) Missions Trips:
BFC Volunteers take a week off during the summer and travel to different parts of the country, helping other churches build new buildings or add onto their facilities to meet the needs of their growing ministry. Did you know? This is how our buildings were built, too!

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