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How could you use your gifts & talents to make a difference? Check out these opportunities!

This team welcomes people as they enter the building. Our goal is that no one who walks in our doors needs to open a door themselves.

This person has a heart for people. They help people find seats, count attendance, and clean up the auditorium after people leave.

This person engages with people who seem anxious or uncomfortable before and after services. The floater tries to connect them with others, bring them to the New Here room, and give them a tour of the building.

Connection Center
This person points people in the right direction and helps answer any questions about Jacob's Well. 

New Here
This person welcomes visitors in the New Here room, helps visitors fill out connect forms, answers questions, and connects them with people and ministries within the church.

This team serves coffee and creates a warm, welcoming environment when people come in on Sunday mornings.

This team helps prepare and serve communion during Sunday services.

Parking Team
This team helps maintain a safe environment outside the building before and after services as cars come and go.

Assistant Camera Operator
This person works in the video control room during Sunday services, operating remote control cameras with the Video Producer.

Resource Center
This team welcomes people into the Resource Center and recommends resources and books to check out or purchase. Learn More

JW Kids Volunteers
This team works with the children from infants to 5th grade during Sunday service times.

JW Kids Registration
This team helps welcome new families and checks in children on Sunday mornings.

Greenhouse YTH Leaders
Greenhouse YTH leaders welcome, engage, and journey with 6th-12th grade students at Wednesday night meetings, camps, and retreats. We especially need adult men!

Group Leader
This person leads a small group or Bible study at church, at home or off-site.

Prayer Team
Pray for Online Prayer Requests / Livestream Prayer Host / Pray Throughout the Church on Tuesdays / Send Cards & Flowers / Visitation Team / Calling Team

Care Team
This team walks alongside people who are hurting or in need of care and support.

Marriage Mentors
Marriage Mentors are husband and wife teams who walk with other married couples through the different seasons and difficult times in marriage. They also provide pre-marriage mentoring.

Facilities Teams
Maintenance/Tool Team, Lawn Care Team, Roofing Team, Deep Cleaning Team, Prayer Garden Team, Saturday Campus Cleanup Team  Learn More

Builders for Christ (BFC) Missions Trips
BFC Volunteers help other churches build new buildings or additions. Learn More

Worship Team
Apply to serve as a vocalist or musician on Sundays and worship nights! Learn More

Graphics Operator
This team displays the worship lyrics and presenter’s slides on screens during Sunday services. No experience is needed.

Sound Tech
This team operates the live sound mixer for Sunday services. Training provided.

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