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How to Watch Online

JW is on Roku!

Jacob's Well's live stream, past messages, kids lessons and podcasts are also available on Roku! Check out simple instructions below:

Can't make it to church on Sunday?
Live-stream Jacob's Well Church online!

Just open the Online Message Platform on Sunday Mornings.  Live chat starts 20 minutes before each service.

Jacob's Well Online Message Platform:

What's Included

Each Sunday morning, the Online Message Platform features a real-time live-stream of both Sunday morning worship services. The program includes rolling slides, a welcome note, quick announcements, worship, the message, offering & closing song and finally the JW Kids weekly lesson.

Live chat allows visitors to connect with each other before and during the live stream. Live hosts are available for updates and questions or for live prayer, through private chat sessions. A notes tab includes all the latest resources and links to content and events for the current week. A Bible tab allows for easy lookup of scripture during the message.

Recommended Viewing Methods

To watch the service with live chat and live prayer options, we recommend viewing the online message platform on your laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. To view the platform on your TV, you can cast it with Google Chromecast, or with screen mirroring between your device and your TV, such as with SmartView. Smart TV's use various browsers that are not directly supported by the platform, so that's why casting or screen mirroring is the best option as opposed to browsing directly to our platform on your TV. You can also connect your laptop to your smart TV using an HDMI cable.

To watch the service without live chat or prayer options, you can stream directly on the JW App.


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