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Giving Hope Fund

Hope Village

A large portion of the offering goes toward providing tiny homes and other affordable housing to the homeless in the Chippewa Valley.

Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention

A large portion of the offering goes toward planting multi-ethnic churches all over Wisconsin and the Twin Cities.

International Missions Board

A large portion of the offering goes toward making a lasting impact for Jesus in the middle east.

Local Families in Need / Benevolence Fund

The remainder of the offering went directly to helping several of our local families in need:

  • Over 30 foster families received extra support during the holidays
  • Over 20 other families received support with basic needs like food and housing

Giving Hope also provided the following:

  • 480 Christmas Cards were provided to Inmates to send to their families
  • 188 Christmas Care Boxes were provided to Foster Families in the Chippewa Valley
  • 330 pairs of socks were provided for kids in our community, donated through our JW Kids sock drive!
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