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Counseling Resources

Professional counseling is a significant resource as individuals and families pursue mental and emotional well-being.

The Chippewa Valley offers multiple counseling options, some of which are listed below:

  • Pastoral Counseling at Jacob's Well | Please call the office to schedule an appointment: 715-833-2050
  • Compassionate Heart Christian Counseling (Amy Saxton) | 715-895-8534
  • Genuine Way Family Therapy (Karah Gonstead) | 715-737-9222
  • Marriage and Family Health Services  |  715-832-0238
  • Mosaic Counseling Group  |  715-514-0455
  • Collaborative Counseling (McKala McWilliams-Nehring) | 763-210-6886
  • Serenity Counseling and Consultation (Tracy Strubel) | 715-379-4832
  • Andrea Polnaszek, LLC | 715-379-0858 | 
  • The Clinic for Christian Counseling  |  715-832-1678
  • Vantage Point Clinic and Assessment Center  |  715-832-5454

Every counselor approaches care independently, so when seeking a counselor be sure to confirm that they also support your personal faith perspective.

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