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Prayers for Ukraine

Second Update:

Dr. Yuliya's Poland/Ukraine Medical Mission Journal

Read Dr. Yuliya's Second Update in Her Journal from Poland

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Please join us in praying for Ukraine

Hello Church–
The conflict in Ukraine is affecting so many lives. In coordination with Dr. Yuliya Perepelitsa, one of our own church family, we have assembled this page as a small but significant way that you can help. Below we are sharing prayer requests, stories, photos and opportunities to give directly– to provide help for real people and families in Ukraine and for refugees who have fled the country. These opportunities to help are coming directly through Yuliya's own family, her friends and her trusted contacts– both in the U.S. and in Ukraine. There is much we can do through the power of prayer, and by coming together as a church and offering our support. Thank you for checking this out!
–Pastor Paul

Real life stories directly from Ukraine

Watch Now: Helping people in war-torn Irpin

Stanislav Gruntkowskiy, Pastor of Irpin Bible Church talks about providing food and shelter in war-torn Irpin, Ukraine.
Instagram: @ibc_church

A Ukrainian church delivering food and bringing people to safety

Posted by Pastor Roman Kravchuk, one of the pastors/churches helping many Ukrainians by partnering with churches outside Ukraine
Instagram: @roman_kravchuk

Photos from Ukraine

Yuliya's relatives and church family in Ukraine collecting, canning and delivering food

View Photo Gallery

Photos from Ukraine

Pastor Sergey Kravchenko of "New Life" church in Cherkassy, Ukraine

Yuliya's third cousin, seen here packing up his car to deliver food


Two encouraging notes from Ukrainian and U.S./Ukrainian churches

An adoptive mother in the U.S. and a girl from Yuliya's Ukrainian home church

In an occupied zone, Yuliya's family keeps their backpacks by the door

In hopes that they are somehow able to escape or be rescued



Please PRAY for...

  • Peace
    That the war in Ukraine would end!
  • Salvation
    Prayer that all people in Ukraine would come to know Jesus
  • Hot Zones
    Pray for “hot zones” where there are battles/active military action, pray for the soldiers and their protection
  • Occupied Zones
    Pray for occupied zones that are currently under Russian occupation. People can not enter or leave those areas
  • Protection
    Pray for protection for people living there, especially now that we know of the horrible crimes that were committed in other occupied zones
  • Shelter
    Pray for the churches/anyone that is helping, sheltering, protecting people there, as humanitarian aid is not reaching some occupied areas
  • Escape
    Many people cannot leave, so they have a backpack ready by the door each day, in case they can somehow escape or be rescued
  • Contact
    Pray for families that have not been able to communicate with anyone since the war began– Also a prayer of thanks that some still have an internet connection and can talk to family members from occupied areas
  • Fear
    Family members have talked about the bombing that they have to hear and live with. They talk about how the windows shake from the shelling, about how they are very scared at night
  • Suffering
    Pray for zones that were freed from occupation as the world is learning of horrible crimes committed to civilians. Pray for families who are finding out about loved ones that were killed
  • Refugees
    Pray for those places in Ukraine that are taking in and re-settling refugees who have left everything behind
  • Ukranian Christians
    Pray for churches and Christians in Ukraine, as they serve those around them, that they would remain safe to be a blessing to those around them, all over Ukraine
  • Supplies
    A significant amount of infrastructure and production of food and supplies in Ukraine is gone, and often it is left to churches to feed the army, in “hot zones”
  • Selflessness
    Pray for families who relied on small businesses for a living and now do not have that income anymore, but they continue to give their all to help those around them
  • Thankfulness
    A prayer of thankfulness to God for giving the Ukrainian people strength, a prayer of thankfulness for putting it on the heart of this world to help and partner with Ukraine
  • Yuliya's Medical Mission to Poland
    Yuliya will soon be traveling on a medical mission to Poland to bring medical supplies and provide care to Ukrainian refugees– Please pray for safety and that the supplies would meet needs of the people. You can also give to support this trip on Venmo: @psukrainefund

Ways you can give directly to real needs

Give Relief Directly via PS Ukraine Fund on Venmo
This account is owned exclusively by Dr. Yuliya Perepelitsa (P) and her sister Alina Shapoval (S) 
Venmo Account: @psukrainefund
Account Phone: 952-228-6176
Add to Memo: "Jacob's Well"

Donate through First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church
Donate through Yuliya's home church in Minneapolis. See giving details on the church's website: firstukrainebc.com

Purchase "Pray for Ukraine" T-Shirts at Jacob's Well
Fundraising T-shirts made by Yuliya's sister Alina, available in the Jacob's Well Resource Center 


About Dr. Yuliya

Hello, my name is Yuliya Perepelitsa, and I've been attending Jacob's Well for about two years. I was born in Ukraine and lived there until I was ten. Since then I have lived in Minnesota and grew up in the church there. I now live in Eau Claire where I practice as a Family Physician, while still keeping close ties with family, friends and churches in Ukraine.

Yuliya Perepelitsa, MD
Medical Missionary
Eau Claire / Minneapolis / Ukraine

Last spring Pastor Paul asked how Jacob's Well could be in prayer for Ukraine. Through that conversation we joined together to create this Prayers for Ukraine page. As you will see on this page, the primary prayer need is for peace to come back to Ukraine. But there are also many specific needs that I am aware of through my contacts, during this conflict. Well over 5 million refugees have fled Ukraine, and there is much destruction, hardship and loss of life. I humbly thank you for joining me in prayer for Ukraine during this very difficult time. My family and I have also created PS UKRAINE FUND to help local churches in Ukraine meet specific needs of people who remain in Ukraine. You can give directly to this fund or give through our home church in Minneapolis (see above). Thank you for considering these opportunities to help.

Finally, last May I had the opportunity to serve on a 2-week medical mission in Poland, providing medical supplies and care to Ukrainian refugees there. Updates from the trip and after my return are shared above. Again I thank you for your prayers and support for my home country and its people. I believe that God is at work even during this conflict to bring more and more people into relationship with Him.

Thank you very much.

–Dr. Yuliya

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